Casing: Inner tanks is made of 2.52mm galvanized sheet to ensure its heavy construction tanks is checked at maximum recommended working pressure 150 Psi and outer shell made of 0.79mm pre painted galvanized sheet and finish with staving enamel paint for long life. The production is carried out under the supervision of qualified engineers

Insulation: World famous brand glass wool insulation used for better performance.

Heating element and thermostat: World famous brand thermo watt heating element and thermostat are used to ensure safety form Electric shock and energy saving and better performance.

Special instruction for usage and installation of electric water heater.

  1. Water connection to be connected with blue rubber pipe.
  2. Hot water connection to be connected with red rubber pipe.
  3. Don’t switch on before filling up the water heater tank otherwise element will burn no claim will acceptable by company in this regard.
  4. Open the hot line to ensure water tank is full.
  5. Now switch on the water heater and set thermostat as desire.

Specification are subject to change with out any notice in view of continues improvements in the products.

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Capacity Height in inches Diameter in inches Model Capacity in gallons Height in inches Diameter in inches
EWH   6 6 Gallons 26 inch 13.4 inch EWH 25 25 gallons 60 inch

16.4 inch

EWH  8

8 Gallons 30 inch 13.4 inch EWH 35 35 gallons 68 inch 16.4 inch
EWH 10 10 Gallons 32 inch 13.4 inch EWH 60 50 gallons 65 inch

21.4 inch

EWH 12

12 Gallons 32 inch 15 inch EWH 80 80 gallons 75 inch 24 inch
EWH 15 15 Gallons 36 inch 15 inch EWH 100 100 gallons 75 inch

26 inch

EWH 20

20 Gallons 36 inch 16.4 inch EWH 150 150gallons 75 inch 28 inch