Model : WT

  • Cooling capacity range from 1,800W to 12,600W.
  • Air volume range from 340CHM to 2380CMH
  • Narrow design with outlet being short. Suitable to use in the narrow passage. Height is only 230mm.
  • Plenum box and filter are available. The drain pan made of stainless.

Model : FT

  • Air volume range from 200CMF to 1200CMF.Thinnest structure design with 230 mm thickness. Lots of color appearance to perfect renovation.
  • Perfect grille is provided at the outlet so to that is convenient for maintenance.
  • Special design of the air filter-the filter can be dismantled without tools and it is convenient for washing and maintenance.
  • Coolant flows from near end r bottom of fan coil unit.
  • Condensate tray can be stainless steel when required.

Model : CT

  • Silent design with low noise, air volume ranges from 300CMF to1200CFM
  • Outlet air flows in four directions and air flow direction can be adjusted.
  • Cool air flows evenly and steadily without any air duct.
  • Special design of air filter can be dismantled without tools and is convenient for washing and maintenance.
  • Driving device and remote control device can be provided for the outlet plates as per requirements.
  • Lifting pump can be provided for condensate water.

The company reserves the right to change the specification for improvement of the products with out notice.