Casing: Complete casing made of galvanized sheet. Self-supporting galvanized steel frame protected with polyester powdered painting. Panels are easy removable for maintenance and service activities.

Compressor: Hermetic “Scroll and screw type with overload protection. They are installed on vibration absorbing rubber and placed with a closed compartment to reduce sound level and to allow service and maintenance activities while unit is in operation condition.

Fan: Axial fans with aerodynamic outline blade section made of AL/Mg directly coupled to a three phase electric motor with external rotor. A safety fan guard is fitted on air flow discharge.

Refrigerant Circuit: Each unit is supplied with filter dryer sight glass thermostatic expansion valve service valve. To protect the refrigerant circuit the following devises are installed automatic resets high and low pressure switch antifreeze thermostat. Crankcase heater, safety thermostat.

Specification are subject to change with out any notice in view of continues improvements.



Model Capacity Voltage Evaporator Refrigerant HP Kcal/hr Fan motor GPM
AWC 51 51000BTU 380, 400 Shell &coil R-22 5 13047 ½ HP 10.3
AWC 103 103600BTU 3080,400 Shell &coil R=22 2×5 26095 ¾ HP 20.5

Note: Nominal cooling capacity is based on fowling condition. Entering chilled water temperature 12.5 centigrade. (55 F) and leaving water temperature 7.5 centigrade (45 F)

Model Capacity Shell Material Dimension Coil
HX-51 4.31 Corbin steel Dias 18 length 100 inch SS 316L
HX-103 6.63 Corbin steel Dias 18 length 120 inch SS316L