Introduces refrigerating based movable and unmovable DE-Humidifier, which is a continuous physical absorption system of moisture through the air. It helps in maintaining humidity up to certain desired level. The dehumidifiers are installed in houses, computer rooms, telephone exchanges hospitals, defense purposes as well as for commercial use to eliminate moisture caused mildew, warping humidity discomforts. All units have humidistat; witch maintains humidity as per requirement. The humidistat contains different levels to provide the desired humidity. The “environment humidity digital display Microcomputer” is distinct. It controls humidity and frost with automatic (ON/OFF switch). The buzzer will alarm when level is full. The humidity will appear on digital display of screen. Compressor has a 3-minute delay at starting. Time may be extended to increase life of compressor. It has safe and reliable casing with complete metal design. It has beautiful look and is easy to handle. Wheels are installed under body witch facilitates is movement.

In the illustrated example 25°C hot air with 70% RH (relative humidity) (1) enters the evaporator. Inside the refrigerated evaporator (2) the air temperature drops to 17°C and the RH increases to 88%, resulting in condensation and the water is dripping off into a container.

Note: Moisture removing capacity is based on room temperature at 80 F (26.7C) DB and 69.5 F (20.8.C) WB.

Specifications are subject to change without any notice.



Model DE-Humidityfying Capacity L/ Day Voltage Watt Water storage capacity (Liters) Casing size in inches Operating range (ºC) Compressor
DHF-50 24 200-220-50 Hz 300 10 14x16x18 5~35 Reciprocating
DHF-65 30 200-220-50 Hz 375 15 14x16x18 5~35 Reciprocating
DHF-90 60 200-220-50 Hz 1200 Continuous discharge 20x18x20 5~35 Reciprocating
DHF-100 100 380-400-50 Hz 2400 Continuous discharge 22x18x20 5~35 Rotary
DHF-120 120 380-400-50 Hz 3800 Continuous discharge 38x30x42 5~35 Rotary
DHF-130 130 380-400-50 Hz 4400 Continuous discharge   5~35 Rotary
DHF-150 150 380-400-50 Hz 5000 Continuous discharge   5~35 Rotary